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Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC)


The Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) is legislated by Transport Canada and is proof that the holder understands the rules and regulations of Canadian waterways. To obtain a PCOC you must pass a Transport Canada accredited test. When you are on the water you must carry the card with you at all times. Your Pleasure Craft Operator Card is good for life.

What is a Pleasure Craft?

Anyone who drives a motorized Pleasure Craft under 4 metres in length must carry their PCOC. To give Canadians time to adapt to the new regulations, Transport Canada is implementing the new law in phases:

September 15, 1999 - Now in effect
All operators born after April 1, 1983.

September 15, 2002 - Now in effect
All operators of power driven pleasure craft under 4m, includes PWCs.

September 15, 2009
All operators of power driven pleasure craft.
Pleasure Craft

Examples of pleasure craft:

* Powerboats
* Personal watercraft (PWC) – i.e. Jet Ski
* Canoes and kayaks
* Sailboats or sailboards
* Airboats
* Hovercraft (Air cushion vehicles, ACV)

If your water craft is fitted with a motor (whether it is turned on or not) you must have a Pleasure Card Operator Card.

* These requirements apply in areas outside the Northwest Territories and Nunavut at this time.

Please visit Transport Canada's website for more information.

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2014 dryland training schedule

(subject to revision; notification by All Hands as required)

  • Feb 21 PCOC 3 & PCOC exam
  • Feb 28 SAR training
  • Mar 7 SAR training
  • Mar 14 SAR training exam
  • Mar 21 SAR
  • Mar 28 OFF (no training)
  • Apr 4 Radio
  • Apr 11 MRS AGM; exam makeup
  • Apr 18 SAR ops
  • Apr 25 SAR ops
  • May 2 SAR ops exam
  • May 9 trade show prep
  • May 16 Radio exam
  • May 23 wash boats / issue kit
  • May 30 nav / GPS
  • Jun 6 first watch




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